Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mistaken Identity

Carrie's comment on my wordless Wednesday post brought back some memories. She stated that me and Mee Mee aka Lometa looked a lot alike and asked if we had ever been mistaken as sisters. Well, everyone thinks we are sisters. We stopped correcting them oh about 8 yrs ago or so.

But in college we didn't get mistaken as sisters, nope, we got mistaken as the same person. All through college people called me Lometa and her Kiesha in passing or even in conversation, even our professors would do this from time to time.

But the best was when I went to the records office to pick up my transcripts, it was a small private college and I knew the lady working in there that day. So I just tell her that I need to get my transcripts. She looks them up for me, prints them out and hands them to me. I think nothing of it and head back to the dorm and then glance at the transcripts and it's Mee Mee's. I stood in the records office for 15 min at least talking to this women that I had talk to many times before and she still gave me Mee's records.

Now I do admit we look more like sisters even than me and my sister Kim, but the same person? That is a stretch. I have the curliest hair on earth and she has the straightest, and our face shape is different, and I'm at least 2 inches taller than her. She has brown eyes and I have green eyes, she tans I do not. Sisters I can see, but the same person. We still laugh about it 12 yrs later.

I just made this one for her from her trip, got to get it printed and sent.
I always have said that God knew I needed another sister when he took Kim, not that anyone could ever replace her but Mee is the closet thing and God-knew I needed her. (I have another non-bio sister, my little sister that I also feel like God sent me but that is a whole nother ballgame, she gave me my precious nieces but she's not on a good path right now and I havn't spoken to her in a while.)

I just wished Mee Mee lived closer.
But Roo says every night that he looks at his room and thinks about how much Mee Mee loves him.

I will post final pics of his room tomorrow if I get a chance, I will be by myself with both kids tomorrow for the first time in a long time so we will see if I have any energy left :)


Carrie said...

Great post! That's a great story! So wonderful that God placed you two in each other's lives! How sweet that Ruben has an awesome room that reminds him of her! I'm sure there were plenty of conversations with other people that you didn't even realize they thought you were Lometa!

Hope you have a good day by yourself. {hide all the scissors! hee hee! Just kidding...Marissa's hair...seriously...been there! Emily would still do it, if I didn't keep reminding her that only the lady that cuts her hair, is allowed to cut her hair! LOL!}

christy rose said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving a sweet comment. I would love to make another blogging friend. I really do find such acceptance and encouragement from everyone.
I loved your post today. I too have a best friend that everyone is always saying that we look so much alike. Weird how that happens so often. Kinda cool though!
I would like to come back and get to know you better.


He And Me + 3 said...

That was a neat story. How fun that you have been so close for so long. She sure is a blessing. You both do look like sisters. I am sure she is that to you too.
Love those collages. Great job.
Can't wait to see the pictures later.

Daveda said...

Hi there! I am so glad you came by, I will look forward to your post. I will be back later to check out your blog as well. Looking forward to blogging together! Thanks for participating in Blogger Appreciation Week!

Jennifer said...

Hello Kee, Beautiful Heart:

You inspire. These words -- from your profile -- ought to be plastered across billboards around the world:

"I have good days and bad days but I am hanging on to God and know that what every it is He will work it to His good."


Thanks for making your way to my blog, and I'm delighted to have dropped by here as well.