Friday, May 1, 2009

Info on My States Medical Coverage

Thank you for all your comments, concerns and links concerning medical coverage in my state.

Here is a run down, which I hope makes sense because I'm a little medicated at the moment....but feeling no pain. :)

The kids are covered through a program called KCHIP, Kentucky's Children's Health Insurance program. We pay a monthly premium for this and co pays but its nothing what we would pay if we had to get private insurance. They don't qualify for Medicaid because my husband makes too much, which I find laughable. They don't offer insurance at my hubby's work which is also laughable to me because he is a director of a senior center.

We can't count my mom and DD in the number of people because their income would also have to be counted, they know they live here but we have to fix meals separately and all that good stuff.

I did talk to the kids medicaid worker today and she said I would possibly qualify for a medicaid spend down if my bills are more than hubby makes in a month, which made me have to stifle my laughter because they are more than he makes in a year. But it would only cover the month I was in the hospital and I would probably not qualify for anything else.

We have looked into private insurance for me but with my past health issues it was astronomical and there was no way we could afford it. We also used to use the free medical clinic here a year or so ago but now hubby makes a few thousand over so we don't qualify for that either.

I am trusting God with it all, He can make a way when there looks like there is not one. I just have my weak moments where it gets so overwhelming, so I come here and always feel better.

Thank each of you for visiting, for leaving comments and even the many that visit and do not leave comments. I know you are there and it means more than I can say.

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Girl Child said...

ahhh.. so the kids are covered.. well, that at least makes sense then.. BUMMER for you and the hubs! =( Health Insur is astronomical.. sucky situation u are in.. I hope that you get ur card to at least cover April.. what a mess.. so stressful ON TOP of all ur other stressors.. well, keep us posted if u hear any good news.. ttys