Sunday, May 30, 2010

Full Update and Still Learning to Trust in Him

I know I have been away and there have only been a few updates about all that has been going on in my life. It's hard to explain why I haven't been here, I've sat here many nights with my hands on the keyboard and nothing came out. There seemed to be so much to say that I didn't know where to start so it was easier just to say nothing. But I do miss you all so much and decided I would just start typing and see what came out.

I will update you on all the things you have prayed with me about and all the situations that took place on this journey that you have taken with me over the last year.

My health has greatly improved. They finally put me on Lyrica and found a program that I can get it through for free. It has worked so well for me. I am only in bed one or two days a week compared to five or six. I can walk and have little trouble with my legs. The tremors are gone.
I can get up and do things without being in pain and I haven't had a seizure in about 5 months. Thank you God.

My little sister  (not biological) was in rehab and had been sober for four months. She got out of rehab and relapsed and broke the terms of her probation. She is now serving a 5 yr prison sentence with a possibility of parole in 2 years. Please pray for her and her two small children that are being raised by thier Grandmother, they are 5 and 1.

I'm posting about this situation only because I believe so much in the power of prayer and our family needs it right now more than ever. My husband lost his job recently and it was not in the best circumstances. That experience has put me in a very bad place because I'm finding it hard to be forgiving to some of the people involved.
I know God will provide, he always has but I also can't help but worry. I look back and think about times HE has come through for us, too many to name, but there are a few on here. He came through on Thanksgiving, proved the doctors wrong about my FIL, worked a miricle for Ruben to attend school when I saw no way HE made one, He took care of thousands of dollars of my medical bills because we do not have insurance. And He has came through so many more times, if HE did all of that, HE will make a way now where I do not see one with my physical eyes.

It looks impossible to me when I look at all of our bills and is so overwhelming when I think of everything that could happen if my husband does not find a job soon. We had no plan B, but I guess that is when you turn to God and follow HIS plan, the one HE has had all along.

I covet your prayers and know that prayer works, so please keep our family in your prayers. And if you have something you would like me to pray about please leave it in the comment section or email me. I would be honored to pray for you and whatever circumstance you may be going through because I know our family is not the only one going through difficult times, some are facing situations that are so much worse. As Christians we need to all come together and pray for each other!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hold On

Life is ever changing. One day things are great, the next your world can turn on a dime. But you have to hold on to the hand of the ONE who never changes. If you are fearful or your world seems to be falling apart, hold on to His hand. I promise HE won't let go.

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