Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Still Breathing ( pic to prove it :)

*It's been hard at times.

*But everytime I have cried out he has been there, he's carried me alot this year and it's only Feb.

* I suspect He will continue to do that till I can stand on my on two feet again.

* Storms keep rolling in and He doesn't always calm them but when He doesn't, he calms me, so what more can I ask for.

* I'm still working on myself on "Finding my Way" not sure how long that will take or if it will ever be something that is finished.

* I'm better most days physically, depression seems to set in from time to time but I'm fighting that.

*Starting my first flower/landscaping project for the first time in 33 years, have no clue what I'm doing so any tips for the beginning gardner would be gratefully appreciated. Just have to wait for all this snow to clear and ground to unfreeze. We live in midwest/South really, I want to keep in simple with little up keep but also pretty, so keep that in mind. So comment away my fellow blogger that happen to be green thrumbers! :)

* I have also tried to start knitting, Roo's teacher is trying to teach me, don't laugh, but I have yet to master the slip knot, .......hey I heard that....yes you the one laughing in the background, I will get it though I am a determined redhead! :)

Hope all is well with you. I have missed you all. Just didn't have it in me to right about all that was going on, so I will probably start keeping it short and simple for a while.

In Jan. God laid something on my heart that I really needed to try to do more of......JUST anger,., hurrying.... JUST BREATHE. And focus on all the things I have always said I wanted to do in my life, from the very smallest to the biggest and get those done. I'm not getting any younger ya know.

So I'm teaching my self a lot and learning a lot from others. And working on my relationships with  God, hubby, kids, family and friends because I had let those slide in the last year and those matter most.