Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let Me Tell Ya 'bout My Guy

This little guy is wise beyond his years.

He's more compassionate than most adults I know.

He has no problems doing the chores I assign because as he says 'that's what family does, we all have to do our part."

He fills my days with joy and makes my tomorrows brighter and he would do that even if he were not mine.

Oh and he cracks me up, like when he asked why his shoes had check-marks on them?

Thank you Lord for entrusting him to us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Wacky Wednesday List

*Today I enjoyed the sound of kids laughing down the hall at school.

*Yesterday I got a hipper hair style, the word has to show my age.

*I'm losing more of the weight I have been gaining due to the meds because they have switched me to more meds but with less side effects or shall I say different side effects.

*I'm still going through my spiritual awakening, still not sure where that journey is going to lead me but I have already learned so much.

*Somehow I have lost my spell checker thingy on my blog and I am, as you will soon see, a horrible speller, so spell checker please please return to me.

Starting Anew

Ther have and will be many changes in the next few weeks around here. The direction of this blog will be changing because my life has undergone a lot of changes of it's on. It was just to painful and honestly there was just no time to blog about it on here. I have kept and journal and when and if I fell lead I will ahare some things with you.

I see this blog being more of just jotting things done, funny things, lists, adventures, crazy ramblings, whatever comes to mind. I don't want to put myself in a box and feel pressured to write about any one thing or in any one format because that is when I write about nothing at all.

But I do want to continue this blog, for I have come so very far and continue my journey which started all because of one blogger stepping off her perch :) and stopping by our family blog and leaving a comment. I have continued to be blessed beyound measure.

So this year, I'm starting anew and the words I say to myself atleast 10 times a day is "Just Breath Kiesha, All you really have to do in this moment is take it all in and breathe, one moment at a time." Who knows maybe I will change the name of the blog this year.

Hope to see you around, it's a new year, a new start. There is so much living to do. I hope you all will join me.
God Bless

Monday, January 4, 2010

Multitude Mondays

holy experience

Sometimes there are no words, sometimes you just have to step back for a while. That is what I have been doing. I've withdrawn myself not only from blog-land but from friends and family. I just have not had the energy to put into anything or anyone else.
It sounds a little selfish and I guess it was. But I needed some time for myself.

God and I have been having a lot of conversations lately. I've been so focused on my sister and what was going on in her life that I forgot about all the blessings in my life.

God sent so many blessings our way during Christmas. I have a post started about all the blessings we received. Hopefully I will get it finished soon.

But for now I thought it was very appropriate that I come back to blog-land with a Multitude Monday Post.

48. All the I love yous I get from my kids throughout the day.

49. Communication skills my husband and I have learned over the years.

50. Anonymous family from our church who made my children very happy at Christmas. I had no idea that they were going to get the kids all that they did.

51. My son for always making me laugh, he opened his Nike shoes and said "Mom, these shoes have check marks on them."

52. My son's Principal has been wonderful to our family, she is such a blessing.

53. Warm blanket and gloves my children picked out for me for Christmas.

54. Heating pad.

55. Ice cream in the winter.

56. A husband who will help me to color my hair. (he may have just been trying to save money:)

57. All the "For Dummies" books they make my life easier and I love them.

58. Christian music.

If you would like to share your gifts with everyone, hop on over to Ann's.