Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Did it! I Did it!

Ok, so I know it isn't really a big deal to most in the blogger world because you see them everywhere and most create their own. But I have been trying forever now and I finally did it. I created my very own blog button, oh it's the little things in life when you are tied to your bed all day that make you overjoyed.

I had created one the other day but the code wasn't right and after staring at the button I decided it was too boring and so not me.

And I can already see that I will go back and change this one a little, make the letters a big bigger so you can read it. I'm sure the more I look at it the more I will see things that need to be changed. But I digress.

I now know how to create one and put the code on my blog so others, surely someone out their will have pity on me and grab it, I am technically a cripple and bed bound, someone, anyone? : )
I apologize if my humor is not coming across tonight just remember, I'm drugged and sleep deprived.

For anyone who does not know how to do this, please tell me I'm not the only one. Here is the site that helped me. It took me a few tries but I finally got it. I tried it out on our family blog and it worked but if it doesn't work for you please let me know.

Oh, and please don't tell hubby I'm up on the computer at almost 1 am. This is the first time I have been actually on the computer and not my phone.

Don't really want to talk medical stuff tonight, I will say that we go to Nashville on Wed to see Nero Doc after my episode on Sunday.

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nancygrayce said...

No, You're not the only one! I have NO CLUE how to make one! I thought you had to be a certified computer expert to make a button! I'll take a look at the site, but I'm kind of old to be learning new tricks!

He And Me + 3 said...

That is awesome. I love it. How cool that you did it all by yourself. Good for you.

Girl Child said...

ok, mine didn't work! I inserted it as a post tho and not on my side bar.. but still, it should work I think.. I'll leave it up so you can check it out and see what it looks like on my page.. hrm.. im clueless chica!

Girl Child said...

oh, btw, that button pic is what my myspace used to look like (before I deleted it) AND its my screensaver on my computer right now, except in blue.. we're like twins! LOL

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Your button looks great...so great that in fact I'm going to grab it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Girl Child said...

SOLD! you can make over my blog.. hook me up with 3 columns please and place ur little button wherever u wish! i forget which comment u left me ur email under.. email me at nicolebuser79@yahoo.com and ill give u my login info.. dont feel obligated to rush or anything.. i know your life is a bit chaotic atm.. but if you want to.. u can do whatever u want.. redecorate it for me =)