Monday, April 13, 2009

Who Am I Wednesdays

*The daughter desperately trying to take care of her mother.

*The Child of God still searching for answers.

*The new bicyclist who is loving her freedom in the late afternoons thanks to a little girl I found in the blogging world.

*The mother whose firstborn is about to turn 5 this month and who is not ready to give up 4 yet.

*The woman trying to stay on this weight loss journey but loves chocolate cup cakes just a little too much.

*The Aunt who is worried sick about her two nieces because their mother is on drugs and in and out of jail.

*The one of many riding this crazy roller coaster of life but hanging on to God at every turn.

*Blessed beyond measure.

You can find the first Who Am I? here. I thought I would continue it because I received such great responses and got to know you guys better. I'm not doing the mr. linky thing yet, maybe in the future but for now I'm OK with just doing it this way. So, feel free to Post your own Who Am I? on your blog, link me or not, or just post it in a comment.
Have a great Monday!


Carrie said...

Those are great...I will need to try that soon!

Hope your son has a great birthday! Funny how 5 seems so much older than 4. It makes them not toddlers anymore :( But how fun to watch them grow and learn:)

He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful! I enjoy getting to know you. I am hanging onto God at ever turn too. Great way to put it!