Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Flashback

This Picture was taken just 5 years ago when my mom flew to Los Angeles when Ruben was born. It's so hard to look at and see how fast she has declined.

This one was taken about a month ago when we were figuring out how to use her lift to get her out of bed and into a wheel chair.

Don't get me wrong I am just thankful she is with us, I just know how hard this has been on her and how much she wishes she could go back to the first picture above.

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Girl Child said...

wow, thats funny.. I didn't even know that Catholics were the only ones to call it "mass." Yes, I was raised Catholic. My dad NEVER went to church, but my mother went almost every Sunday. My mom never forced me to go, so I don't force my kids to go. But my oldest son Gavin will ask to come once in a blue moon. My husband was raised Catholic as well, but he wasn't forced to go to church either, and actually, I don't even think his parents ever went. But we all made our sacraments. I had my two older children baptized right away. But my youngest is 6mo and I'm going to have him baptized.. I just haven't been on the ball about it. BUT it's on my ToDo List for sure! I would love it if we all went to church as a family, but that would require me to have control over my husband and I surely do NOT. Plus Ayden and the baby would act up and be distracting.. It wouldn't be as enjoyable for me. But we'll see.. I'll letcha know IF it ever happens. =)

He And Me + 3 said...

It is hard to see people get older and watch their frustrations because they can't do some of the things they could do just a year or two ago. My MIL is going through that with her hips right now...she can barely walk anymore. She hates it.