Monday, April 6, 2009

Ramblings from Kee (that's my nickname in case you are wondering)

My aunt and I have never really been able to live together, but it has been going so much better than I thought it would when we made the decision to let them move in.

Then today she had to go and tell me I should not have dealt with my son in a certain way.
It had to do with me making him try scrambled eggs. My son will not try anything new and only eats a handful of foods. He has never tasted eggs therefore he does not know if he likes them or not. And that drives me crazy, I even told him he could spit it out if he did not like it.

I told him he could not have anything else until he tried it. Well my aunt said in front of my children, you shouldn't do that, you shouldn't make him try things he doesn't like. WHAT?!?
I think what she said was even worse than that but I blocked it out and saw red for a few seconds.

I told her, in the most polite way that I could at that time, that he his my son and she gets no say in the way we raise him just because she lives here.

The last time we lived we her and my mom was when my hubby, Roo (he was a baby) and I had moved from CA to Ky and we were staying with them until we found jobs and saved money.

The main problem was they refused to follow our rules with Ruben and always was undermining us. That is why we eventually moved out, well my aunt told my mom it was either her or us and my mom picked her. So we basically were kicked out with no where to go with a 16 month old.

I have forgiven that, and thought I had forgotten it until she said those things today and all that came flooding back.

I know it was the right thing, the only thing we could do, letting them move in and I in no way regret that. But neither of them get a say in how I choose to raise my kids, my house my rules and just saying that makes me feel better. lol


In other news, my mom and I are going shopping at Walmart tomorrow. I scheduled a transport with PACS and hope it goes smoothly. This is the first time my mom has been shopping in almost 2 years and the first time she will be going to a beauty shop to get her hair cut in 2 yrs also.

She wants to pick out some presents for Roo, he will be 5 this month and I still need to start planning that his party. It will be star wars again this year and I think I have run out of ideas. Maybe we can use the ones from last year and he won't notice. :)

Oh and I bought a 15 speed bike from a yard sale this weekend. I will post pics about that and tell you of the adorable little girl who inspired me to buy a bike. I met her precious mother in blog land. That post coming soon.

Hope you all had a great Monday :)

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Carrie said...

Kiesha, it's funny how much you can become friends through blogging! I never would have dreamed it, or understood how people met on the internet, but I understand now :) Still can be scary, but anyway... I agree with what you did, and I'm the same way. Alex is a picky eater and it's still a bit of a struggle to get him to try things {eggs included!} My mom still tends to tell my sister and I how to raise our kids or what we should & shouldn't be doing, and she doesn't live with us! So I'm sure it's hard! Good luck, and I can see how much you've transformed in the little time I've known you! Your new profile pic is also beautiful!

Girl Child said...

Oh brother.. why do people think they can butt in like that.. good for you for sticking up for yourself because you KNOW you would've been laying in bed that night thinking "Oh, I should've said THIS or THAT!" LOL

Girl Child said...

funny that you say u were the same way as a child.. i was too!!! i think thats the real reason it bothers me so much! i hated it about myself growing up and now i see it in him. hes so great tho, he really is. He knows i caught whatever the younger two were sic with and he totally cleaned up the babys toys today w/o me asking.. hes such a doll. i just dont want him to be like this when he gets older! i mean yes it annoying now.. but im more worried about the future.. are you going to be the guy crying at work???? Please say it aint so! haha.. I doubt he will be, i mean hes not that bad and his friends are just as goofy.. but whatever.. time will tell. =) thanks for letting me know im not alone.. that always helps!!

Robyn said...

I would have seen RED also! Good for you standing up for yourself in your own home! I know we shouldn't have to but GOOD FOR YOU!

marla gillespie said...

hasn't she learned by now you don't come between a RED HEADED woman and her child?! She's lucky that is all you said!