Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Day at a Time

Today is better. I woke up and my head was hurting really bad but it is a lot better now.

I was able to walk to the bathroom with less pain than usual and I am coming to terms with my buddy, the walker.

The up side is I have been praying more and opening my bible, which is something I had not done in a while, opening my bible that is.

I just keep hanging on to the fact God is in control and this will all work out.

I still have my moments and throw my little temper tantrums with God because I want to be able to take care of my family but for now I just have to take care of them in a different way.
And I am ok with that for now, I just have to take it one day at a time.

Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love my new phone, I can post and email right from my bed. It's the little things in life. :)


Carrie said...

hee hee...your phone sounds marvelous! I do not keep up with the technology too much...if it weren't for Dan, I probably wouldn't know how to use the computer!

Glad to hear you're doing a little better. One day at time is the best way to approach it, but I'm sure NOT the easiest :) Take it easy and hope your day is restful!

Girl Child said...

Feel betta moma!

nancygrayce said...

At least you can post in bed! I couldn't and would have to drag myself to my computer. :) Feel better and relax!