Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday 13

This is my first time doing Thursday 13, I thought it would be fun but have no idea what I'm about to write.

Let's see, 13 things that are on my mind right now.

1. Goldie and Speedy, Roo won Goldie at the carnival so we had to buy a tank for him and all the things fish require. Today Roo decided he wanted Goldie to have a friend so Speedy joined our family today. At the next PTO meeting I am going to let them know that having Gold fish as a prize at the carnival is unfair to parents.

2. Foxy, our dog we rescued from a shelter about a month ago. She was just spayed and I have to take her to get her stiches out this week. Only problem is tomorrow is Friday so time is running out for me. (Toby is the one sleeping)

3. Teaching, I volunteer at Roo's school three days a week. I spend Thursday and Fridays with the preschool class until 11 and then I work in the office, sub for teachers. I do a little bit of everything. It's got me thinking about going back to school and get my teaching degree. I don't want to go back into social work while the kids are little. To stressful.

4. Christmas lights, I can't wait to get out all the decorations. I LOVE Christmas.

5. Sleep, it would be nice to be able to sleep like a normal person.

6. I can't get enough of this spunky, determined, free spirited child.

7. My Brown Eyed boy is always on my mind.

8.  Recipes, I need to find more so that I cook more. I hate to cook. Hubby is a great cook. He cooks and I clean but I should do more cooking.

9. My Mom, she hasn't walked in two years and has given up. I constantly try to think of something I could do to get her motivated to atleast get up and in her wheel chair. This picture was taken last year, she has changed so much in such a short period of time. She doesn't look like the mom that raised me. I miss that person.

10. DVR, I love that thing, Thursdays are when all the good shows come on so they are taped and ready for me to watch when I can't sleep.

11. Randomness, I don't think that is a word but that is where this post is going. I'm all over the place. But that's how my mind works constantly.

12. Header, I should be working on a blog header for a blogger friend. I can't wait to get it done. Again, there are so many ideas floating around in my head I have to try and figure out which one I should run with.

13. Blogger Buddies, if you hung in there for all of this, you are awesome!


Anonymous said...

I'm always happy to find other bloggers that love animals! :) Kudos for all you do in teaching. I have been a full time teacher for 13 years...and you are so right about the stress! Happy TT!


Bonnie said...

Love these kind of posts. I need to get a DVR for my sleeping issues. We are so on the edge on buying one though.

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh your doggies are so cute. Our new addition was a rescue too. WE love her. I think our little ones could be related. I posted a picture of her on the 5 moms blog today.
I don't do decorations ever...except the Christmas tree. i need some motivation, because I love houses with Christmas lights and decor.
Hope your day is good today.

Jenna said...

Glad you found me! I love meeting new people!!

hahaha!! It's unfair to give gold fish as prizes! That's hilarious. I can't wait to get christmas decorations up either.. my husband said I had to wait until Thanksgiving :( Your kiddo's are precious!

LAURA said...

I would be pretty mad if my kids won a fish haha. I seriously DO NOT want to have to take care of a fish... or any animal. Sorry you got suckered in to that haha.

Deborah Ann said...

That fish tank is awesome! Lucky fish...

Kee, thanks for praying for Aaron. He's out of surgery, doing excellent, and I'll post all the details tomorrow...

Carrie said...

I love the kids' pictures in the leaves! they are truly could they ever leave your mind! ;)

Hope you doggie has healed well...they are so cute! I don't know what we'd do without our Skipper :) He was rescued from the Humane Society too after Dan and I were married...he's getting older, but I hope he's around for a long time :)

It's hard to sleep normally...I'm sure your mind is always thinking...I hope you can find some rest, though and have a chance to relax :) Take care!

christy rose said...

This was a great post Kee! Love the pics of your kids in the leaves! And the one with you and your mom. You look beautiful! And your mom looks pretty darn good too for being unable to get around for two years!
Have a great weekend!

nancygrayce said...

I understand about your mom not being motivated. My mom rarely walks anymore and it just makes me so sad. She doesn't really like to talk either. She's always been my best friend (well since i stopped being a teen) so it feels real bad!