Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Am Learning Lord

I did not write this but I could have and I'm sure many of you could have also. I thought by this time in my life I would know to give everything to God but I am still learning. Thank you Lord for being so patient with me.

I Am Learning, Lord

My life has taken many falls
And tumbles 'long the way.
The many trials have left me
In a sure state of dismay.

For with each trial, I tried alone
To tend, and soothe, and mend,
Instead of giving them to God -
And on Him just depend ...

But, I am learning, Lord.

It seems that I was determined
To carry all the load.
I longed for smoother pathways.
Yet, I walked a rocky road.

Little did I understand,
God waited patiently
To pave a new beginning
With a better life for me.

But, I am learning, Lord.

It took a real disaster
To bring me to my knees;
To finally call upon the Lord
And say, "God help me, please."

He can, with no delaying,
With strong arms that could hold -
The weight of all my burdens;
He gladly took the load.

And, I am learning, Lord.

What a needless cross I carried,
All because I could not see -
What a friend I have in Jesus,
And the love He has for me.

Peace I find when troubles hover,
Though' the outcome is unknown.
For if yet the road is rocky,
I won't walk it all alone.

For, I am learning, Lord.

- Author Unknown

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and thanks for stopping by my little home in blog land.


He & Me + 3 said...

That is truly awesome. Isn't it great when others write something that you can totally relate too. It is nice to know that there are others out there feeling the same way & leaning on the Lord to get them through. This is great!

christy rose said...

Beautiful poem Kee! I love it when I find a song or a poem that feels as if I could have written it myself too! It kinda feels like God already knew what I was feeling and is showing me that through someone else. :)