Thursday, July 30, 2009

TMAT, Part 1, The Event that Changed my Life Forever

Today is Tell Me About It Thursdays over at Sandys blog, One Day at a Time.
This weeks theme is tell me about "An event in your life that changed your life forever"

Ok, so I have to admit when I saw this weeks theme one event came to my mind and I wanted to run. I wanted to shut the computer down and forget about joining Sandy this week.

You see God has been prompting me to share this story for so long and I have refused.
Oh, I have mentioned bits and pieces here and there thinking that would be enough for Him, that I wouldn't have to write it all down. Then I see today's theme and it was like it was meant for me and He won't let me avoid it this time.

There are many reasons I have avoided it. One, it will be long so I will have to do it in parts. Two, I am afraid that I won't be able to find the words to describe it and honor the people involved in the right way. And three, even after 17 yrs it's painful.

I have to give a little background first.

It was June. 1992, my mom, my sister Kim (17), and I (16) had moved to KY from Al. We had no family, it was just the three of us. We met DD, who I now refer to as my aunt, through church revivals. She lived in KY and we found ourselves in a place where my we pretty much had no one and my sister had quit school to help support us. My mom was disabled but still worked two jobs. Kim had gotten in with the wrong crowd and was making bad decisions. So mom thought it best to move us to KY for a fresh start.

We did know a few people, one being Shelly who we had known for years. We met her the same way we did DD. Shelly (28) had three kids, K (8), Jamie (4) and S (15 months). Shelly was full of life and constantly pulling pranks and making our adjustment as easy as possible. Her children made it even easy because I was totally in love with each of them and loved playing with them every minute possible.

We lived with DD while mom searched for an apartment. Kim and I had stayed with Shelly on and off, we loved her and her kids.

Fast forward to Sept. of that year.

Kim celebrated her 18th birthday on Sept. 13th. She had talked about this day for years. She always wanted to turn 18, it was a huge day in her life. If only we had known on that day she would only live 19 more days.
I remember going to DQ with her and sharing a peanut buster parfait, her blowing out the candles on her cake, her laughter on that day was infectious. I will never forget her smile while she opened her presents. No one dreamed it would be her last birthday.

She was my only sibling and we were 21 months apart. She was my world. Kim was the responsible one, so I didn't have to worry about being responsible. I was 16 and knew she was always there looking out for me, keeping me out of trouble, and protecting me.

Friday morning on Oct. 2nd, 1992 all that changed in a single moment.

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