Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Big Reveal

I posted pics of Roo's godmother in the process of painting his room a couple of months ago.

It's still not done. I have curtains to make & a few more things to hang. Usually I would put these only our family blog which mainly documents the kids & family life, while this blog is uncensored and focuses more on my journey to a better me.
But it's getting kind of hard to keep them separate because the more I get to know all of you the more I want to share my kids :)

I tried my best to declutter it and put everything in it's place for the pictures, that is until Hurricane Marissa woke up from her nap and kept moving things and cluttering up my shots.

Here is the incomplete big reveal:
Taken when we moved in last July.

This is me taking a picture of his closet doors, to say I did not like them is an understatment, so we replaced them with curtains I made.

He had a bunk bed with a desk on one end and drawers on the other but he did not like it so we took it apart and put the other bed in Rissa's room.


I'm going to use same fabric as closet for the green wall and plain green fabric for the blue wall.

I made these curtains for his closet, but I do not sew. I won't tell you how they were put together because it would probably make some of you crafty mom's cringe. ;)

Had to have the star wars logo, from Ebay.

His closet and his desk we took apart.

My little Picaso painted this especially for his room.

I had this collage made for him on his 4th birthday, it's a star wars poster with my favorite pictures of his first 4 years.

Have I told you he loves Star Wars? :)

Oso and Floppy ears on his bed.

The good life, now if I could just someone to come and redo my room I would be as happy and relaxed as he is.


He & Me + 3 said...

How cool! That looks like such a fun room!

Carrie said...

that is so adorable! WHat a perfect little boys room! I love the colors and the curtains are super cute! Did you use duct tape...I've totally used that to put things together! haha! Whatever you did it's awesome! He looks so happy! GREAT job! Thanks for sharing it with us!

christy rose said...

Great Room! He looks content!

Bonnie said...

That room looks great.

It sure looks like he loves it too.

I have to catch up on your posts but it will have to wait, I have a baby crawling up my

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Love the room! Too cute! I'm sure he loves it!

Those are the colors of my son's room. He loves Star Wars too. And we just recently bought some Star Wars stickers to go on the wall. Hopefully we'll get them up soon!