Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hopping Tuesdays: 3 Things U Don't Know About ME

My first blog hop.

Three things I don't think you know about me :)

*Before becoming a Stay at home mom 5 years ago, I was a social worker & children's crisis counselor and child advocate.

I loved it and hope I can get back into it once Marrissa is in school.

*I never wanted to be a stay at home mom and even though it has been great for my kids and I treasure the last 5 years I still would prefer to work outside the home (I hear all the gasps...hey, all you will get here is honesty what can I say)

* I have mentioned that my 2 yr old drives me crazy is very energtic and curious but haven't told you about all the times I have asked God "did you have to make her just like me?" and she's not even a red head but has all the attitude, sassyness, stubbornness and determination that comes with one.

Lucky for her, it's hard to stay frustrated with her for long because she is so darn cute :)


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Michelle Jamie said...

Thanks for the honesty!

confused homemaker said...

I also appreciate honesty, especially over platitudes.

happy hopping:)

christy rose said...

Your daughter is so cute! Yes she is! Energetic maybe, but oh so cute! Enjoy and love her every moment of every day!