Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Breathe

That has been my motto today. I guess this whole week. It's been hectic and crazy and I have wanted to scream and yet I hear this small voice saying "Just Breathe, I will get you through this, just breathe."
I feel God is trying to teach me patience, because I have none.

Especially today, there have been so many opportunities to respond differently and yet I still keep reacting the same. But God is good and I know He will continue to be patient with me and He will continue to put me in situations until I finally get it.

I'm getting close, maybe just maybe I can finally pass this test tomorrow.

(I apologize to those of you who have sent emails or left comments, I promise I will carve out some time to sit down and respond. I appreciate all of you coming here and leaving your comments and sending encouraging emails. I will also write more about all the things that happened today, I probably have at leaset 5 posts just from today alone that I could write about. Right now, I have to carve out some time to be with my husband and Gary Thomas)

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nancygrayce said...

Please don't worry about responding! AND, most of us are constantly working on patience! It's very hard to be patient when you are constantly turning around to something else someone needs of you! Believe me, I can relate! Right now, my sister is dealing with her paraplegic husband who had shoulder surgery, two of my brothers are basically no help with my mama, my older brother does anything he can to help, but he can't do "some" stuff....and my younger sister who lives 2 hours away is absorbed with a teen! So, yes, patience is something to be constantly worked on in this life!