Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who Am I Wednesdays

*I am the red head with glasses that got picked on throughout my entire school life.

*I'm the little girl who used to dig for Worms in our backyard.

*I'm the little girl who cried and prayed every night for God to just let me go to sleep and not wake up because of the abuse in our family.

*I'm the one whose big sister was her whole world for 16 years, always protecting, always making me feel as if I belonged.

* I'm the girl who has written songs and poetry since she learned how to write, but has never showed a single soul.

*I'm the 16 yr old whose world was shattered when a car accident took her sister and two very important people in her life.

*I'm the 18 yr old who was determined to go to college despite her disabilities because I heard my sister's voice in my head saying "you will go to college even if I have to drag you."

*I'm the 23 yr old who celebrated her birthday by getting her first and only tattoo with her best friend in memory of her father.

*I'm the 25 yr old who moved to Los Angeles after a meeting a guy online. (He's now my husband)

*I'm the 27 yr old who got married in Vegas.

*I'm the crazy lady who traveled on a plane with a husband, a 7 month old and two screaming cats in cat carriers in the plane with us when we moved from CA to KY. (sorry if any of you happened to be on that flight in 2004, I'm sure you still remember if you were.)

*I'm the 30 yr old who was totally put sleep with her second baby and had a baby and gallbladder taken out at the same time.

*I'm the 32 yr old raising two small children who moved my disabled mother and aunt in, who is coming up on 6 years of marriage and taking it one day at a time.

I invite you to tell me who you are either on your blog or on here. If you do it on your blog just let me know in the comments section. I'm not doing the Mr. linky thing right now, that may change but for now it's not about getting a bunch of people to follow my blog, it's about getting to know a few.


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Pam said...

I know I am not going to have time to blog these anytime soon, so i'll share a few here...

*I'm the one who has the "perfect" family.

*I'm the one that wanted to be popular so bad she did about anything to get there.

*I'm the one who feel in love with the boy in life-saving class and never looked back no matter how bad it was.

*I'm the one that tried out for cheerleading 2 years before i finally made the squad my junior and senior year (because hardly anyone else tried out)

*I'm the one who was pregnant during my first year of college and dropped out to work, get married, have a baby, and be a mom.

*I'm the one who's husband didn't come home many nights that first year.

*I'm the one that said the military was a good idea for my husband, to get him out of trouble, and out of my hair.

*I'm the one who fell in love again with my husband after he left for the military.

*I'm the one who moved to Germany with my one year old and lived there for 2 1/2 years.

*i'm the one who had 4 c sections.

*I'm the one who had home day care kids for years.

*i'm the one that gains way to much weight with her pregancys

*i'm the one that had her tube tied after her fourth child.

*i'm the one who regreted it and tried to see if they could be reveresed.

*im' the one that found out that they couldn't and layed on the bathroom floor and cried.

*I'm the one who decided to adopt.

*Im' the one who adopted 2 kids.

*I'm the one who had to give the third child i was going to adopt up because my husband filed for divorce.

*Im' the one who got left.

*Im the one who was cheated on.

*i'm the one who is a divorced single mom of 6 kids.

*im' the one that has peace.

*Im the one that God takes care of.

*i'm the one that loves life and my kids.

*im' the one still praying for the man who left us to return.

*i'm the one that is still smiling.

nancygrayce said...

It sounds to me like you're the one with a lot going for her! Making it through a lot of adversity!

My nose grew up ahead of my face and so I got teased a lot especially in elementary school!

I was the one who got pregnant at 17 and had a baby at 18...

I was the one who in midlife had such a crisis, got divorced, got remarried to the same man, got divorced again. Whew that sounds bad when I write it down.

I'm the one with the 38 year old son who is an addict, the 31 year old son who has trouble keeping a job and two perfect step sons...(they aren't really perfect, but they're really good kids).

I'm the one who feels like a failure as a mother most days.

I'm the one who was lifted out of the mire by God's Grace and live everyday only with His help and power.

I honestly think you're an amazing woman! I hope you and your husband do go to marriage counseling....pour your heart out, I assure it will be nothing they haven't heard time and time again!

nancygrayce said...

P.S. Red is the most asked for hair color at the salons! People pay big bucks to have your hair color!!

Tanya said...

Hi, you should put a mr.linky, this is a great meme.

I'm the one who teased and always felt ugly and rejected as a child.

I'm the one who became a teen model to prove everyone wrong.

I'm the one that started college at 16.

I'm the one that got involved with an addict at 19 and gave up graduate school because of it.

I'm the one that never went bankrupt at 21.

I'm the one that met a great guy at work, got married and had our first child at 26.

I'm the one with a panic fear of failure which keeps me from trying to succeed.

I'm a mother of two girls.

Sheryl said...

I'm the one with curly hair and big boobs that always got teased.

I'm the one whose dad died when she was 9

I'm the one whose mom got remarried and had to move as a 6th grader

I'm the one who became bitter and mad at an early age

I'm also the one who began partying early in high school, continuing on into college

I'm the one who left college and got married

I am the one who divorced him 3 and 1/2 years later because I wanted to have more fun

I am the one who filled my life with lots of "the world" until I met someone else

I am the one who married someone else's husband. (wow i'm glad this is just between the few us for now)

I am a woman who went on to have 2 kids, get cheated on, verbally abused, drink myself silly every night for 5 years and finally wake up!!

I am the one who said "enough is enough"

I am now the one who is sick with a chronic illness, approaching a court date to end my marriage and praising God each and every day for all HE has done.

I am now the one who is beginning the UGLY CRY!! ha. this was therapeutic. thanks!