Friday, January 28, 2011


...I smiled even though my heart is still broken.

...I realized the 30th of this month will be 5 months since she passed but it seems like 5 years.

...I tried to figure out what exactly God wants me to do at this time...but I'm clueless. I guess He will let me know in His time.

...I looked at my son for a really long time and realized he must have grown a foot and I haven't even noticed.

...I looked in my daughter's big brown smiling eyes and silently promised her that we will get through all the storms that are raging in our lives right now.

...I made it through and will continue to look for that shimmer of light once again tomorrow.


nancygrayce said...

Kee, just thinking of you and your family and praying things will get better!

Laura said...

Somehow..I had lost your blog! I was so happy to see your sweet face..Sorry that your mom passed away and praying GOD's blessings upon you!

Love ya,