Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog-In process of change!

Just like me I suppose. Those of you that have been around a while know that when I change the look of my blog it takes a while for me to decide on something. I'm pretty sure it will take even longer at this point because decisions of any type make me almost hyperventilate lately.

Things are going day by day. This last month has been good because we had taken in three small kids so they would not go into foster care. It refocused the house and gave us something to keep our mind off the void that Mom has left. Plus, we already loved them and was happy we could help out. They are now with a family member.

What it did do was show us that becoming Foster parents is something we certainly want to do somewhere down the line. We have talked about it for years but now we know for sure.


me said...

What you and your family did for those children is amazing. I bet your mom is so proud of you!

KEE said...

Thank you! How kind of you to say that. Hope you are doing well and continuing to take it day by day.