Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let's Not Forget

The Real Reason

Excitement and joy are filling the air;
The lights add special decor.
We're shopping for Christmas gifts everywhere,
But are gifts what Christmas is for?

The wreaths and the trees and the parties
Aren't what we need to convey;
It's the birth of our Savior, Jesus,
The real reason for this holiday.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs


Shayla said...


Kelly's Ideas said...

Yes it is....

Love to you
Merry Christmas


Bonnie said...

Oh so true and I have to say that this year I am filled with the spirit of Christmas in the right way.

He & Me + 3 said...

That is awesome and so true.
Hugs to you and Merry Christmas!

christy rose said...

What a great poem with the perfect message for the season! Thanks for sharing this Kee!