Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catching Up, Thursday 13 Prayers

I've been away for a while. God has really been dealing with me and honestly I have been wrestling with HIM and where HE is leading me. I feel peace about it but the human side of me wants to do things my way. It's a struggle within and one that I know will be resolved soon.

I have been working a lot at Roo's school and I love it and it gives me such a purpose. I do feel a little guilty about leaving Marissa but she is at home with Mamaw and she loves it. But boy that mother's guilt kicks in sometimes.

God has put someone in my life that I am really connecting with. She is a teacher at the school and we have clicked from the beginning. It has to be a God thing because I feel like I have known her forever. And I do not open up to people very easily. She has really been helping me on this journey and I thank God for putting her in my life.

I ask you all to please say a prayer for my little sister. She is having a lot of problems right now. She just got out of jail and was ordered back to rehab but I'm not sure if she will go. She has a five year old and a 10 month old. She is pregnant again and her mom just called me and said she was at the ER, they think she may be having a miscarriage.
You can read more about how she became my little sister and all that we have gone through here.

Now for my Thursday Thirteen.
I have decided to do 13 Prayers.

1. Peace for those close to me that are going through so very much right now.

2. Comfort and warmth for those who are doing without this Holiday season.

3. Wisdom for me as I make this journey to be who God wants me to be.

4. Patience  for myself when dealing with my children.

5. Joy for those who have lost theirs somewhere along the way.

6. I wish and pray for God's gentle spirit to surround my sister at this moment and for her to know that there is ONE who will always FORGIVE her.

7.  For people including myself to focus now on giving this Christmas Away. Pause player at bottom to hear this song.

8. A Genie to come and make my house sparkle. (Hey, a girl can dream can't she?:)

9. For my marriage and all of your marriages to continue to grow strong and that we never forget that we must put work into themt every single day.

10.  For those that have lost people this year that they may feel the peace and love of God surrounding them during this Holiday Season.

11. I pray that I will let go of all my pride, subborness, and all the things that get in between me and God so that I can have a closer walk with him and an awesome prayer life without me getting in the way.

12. For the men and women that are fighting for our country and their families who have to face the Holidays without them.

13. For you reading this right now, that you may know God loves you, forgives you and will never leave you no matter what you are going through or what you have done in your life. HE is faithful!


christy rose said...

Keisha, I am so glad to hear that you are connecting with a friend and able to share your life with her in such a special way. That is very important to have in our lives. I am glad to see that you have posted on your blog because I was missing you and wondering how you were doing. I love your 13 prayers. I could use one of those genies too. :) If God happens to just maybe answer that one, please send up a prayer for me in that area too. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

That post was great my friend. I agree right along with you on your 13 prayers. May you grow closer to your Heavenly Father daily. Praying for your sister. I am so happy for you finding a new friend. That is so awesome. Everyone needs someone like that in their life. have been missed. I have been thinking about you.