Saturday, October 31, 2009

I just have to say..

... Fibromyalgia SUCKS.
... carnivals are a BLAST.
... my kids make everything worthwhile.
... Newwavecomm is the WORST.
... IPhones rock but cause my posts to be a grammatical nightmare.
... my husbands snoring drives me mad but I love him anyway.
... there are mice in my laundry room and I refuse to go in there until hubby traps the sneaky little monsters.
... it's interesting to me how in person people are so concerned with what "religion" you are but online denominations are rarely mentioned and it's just about sharing the love of Jesus and having compassion for others.
... maybe since I got all that out randomness out I can finally get some sleep.


He & Me + 3 said...

I hear what you are saying. Yuck to mice & no doubt Fibromyalgia stinks! It shouldn't be about religion at should only be about Him. I hope you are able to sleep.

Bonnie said...

Let it out!!! I love being the type of friend that someone feels comfortable enough to phone and let it all out.

Hope you got some sleep and those mice are caught.

Daveda said...

I love it! And, I agree about the "religion" thing...isn't is just about Jesus anyway? :)

I have every intention of looking at those formats...:( I have been busy adjusting to my new schedule.

Tanya said...

I hear you, mice are yucky, so is laundry, got to be one of my least favorite things to do around the house.

christy rose said...

Ewww! About the mice! Good excuse not to do laundry though! haha Love your comment about how people online seldom ever ask about religion. And the common bond is Jesus! I hope you got some sleep! :)

Shayla said...

Did you get some sleep? whats newwavecomm? . . . everybody has an iPhone but me :( lol