Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prayers ASAP

We made it in this morning around 7am. Thank you God for a safe trip.

I'm coming here once again in need of prayer warriors.I checked my FIL's Log test book at home and found that he has not been taking his insulin at all since we left the last time.

He becomes very irritated and upset with his wife, son and daughters when this is mentionned and has not told his doctor he has not been taking his insulin or checking his sugar.

This is the main reason he is back here and is slowly declining. The lack of control of his diabetes is starting to have an effect on every part of his body.

I spoke to the family and I'm about to go into his room with a translator to convince him to take his insulin. If not we are going to slowly have to watch him die. He feels like his wife nags him, his son bumps heads with him and he won't talk to his daughter about it.

So I thought if I approached it from a different angle he might listen. We have a good relationship and he is the only grandfather my children have.

\We also are requesting a diabetic consultant to come in to talk to him. And we are hoping the insulin pump might be better for him.

\Please pray as I go into his room that he will be receptive of what I have to say.


Daveda said...

I hope the Lord works in his heart and gives you the right words?

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no, I will pray.

Bonnie said...

Oh Kee, I hope everything went okay. Update if you can.

Shayla said...

hey girl I've been sick myself so I havent checked on you in a few days :(

how did the talk go? Has his mind changed on the matter?

How is your husband doin???

Girl, I really hope ALL is well, or at least getting to that point!!!

Keep us updated!!!

Judson Family said...

Just started reading your blog..Here is one more person praying for you an your family..