Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ramblings from the PCU

*Mom is still in the hospital. She has been moved to the PCU because she was getting worse and they thought she had a bacteria infection in her blood. They keep doing blood cultures. On three mom has tested positive for an Infection in her blood. Two have come back negative. So they are doing more tests and hoping it's not a blood infection.

*My aunt won't push the doctors for information. It's driving me bonkers.
I can't be here 24/7.

*I felt normal for the first time in forever this morning when the 4 of us went to the soccer field to watch Roo play.

*I get the whole God is in control thing, but I really wish HE would take my advice just this once. I'm not ready to lose my mom.

*Tomorrow is my sisters birthday and this is the last place I want to be. We share the ICU waiting room and I know all to well what those families are going through and honestly while it should make me want to pray for them it makes me want to find the nearest exit.

*My son threw a penny in the wishing well down stairs and I asked him what he wished for, thinking it would be for Nana to get better, nope he wished for more Star Wars movies. Oh how I love that little guy, he said he didn't have to because God would take care of Nana.

*Soccer is just a game, I know parents want their children to win but for the love of Pete it's just a game.

*Iphones rock, unfortunately this one belongs to hubby.


Daveda said...

Keisha, It sounds like this is one of those times where He is not beside you, but carrying you.

Praying for you and your family, my sweet friend. So sorry for what you are going through right now.

((((HUGS)))) Love ya! said...

I am still praying and believing. I love your sons faith. (:

He & Me + 3 said...

Praying for your mom.
So glad you felt good today.

christy rose said...

Kee, I am glad you had a day of feeling normal. That is great! I love your son's child like faith. What a treasure! Still praying you you and your mom.