Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mom, God & Pink Roses

Thank you all for praying. I read your comments while waiting for them to find mom a room and they all really touched my heart. Shayla, you're right I do believe that verse was meant for me. It amazes me how God uses all of us in blog land to lift each other up with our prayers, words, songs and scriptures.

Mom's blood pressure and oxygen levels were dangerous low. She also has a bad kidney infection. They pumped antibiotics and fluids in her. She is still not eating or drinking and keeps saying she feel weird. So I have no idea what may be wrong or if's it's just the kidney infection. Her blood pressure is still low but not dangerously so.

Thank you again for your prayers, I did not fall apart. As soon as I stepped into the ER yesterday I immediately went in daughter protective medical mode. My aunt doesn't always ask the right questions and or push the way I do. She's a little more laid back and quiet when mom's in the hospital but I know I can't be because we have had too many mistakes made by doctors and nurses.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.
I specifically needs prayers that my symptoms would stop at least until we can get her home. My aunt stayed with her last night and I am going to relieve her at lunch. I have to go shopping and run a bunch of errands that can't be put off any longer. And my legs are trying to give out on me, and my hands start trembling now and then. And my skin feels as if it's on fire. Usually that means a seizure is right around the corner but I'm not claiming that today. I know God can stop these symptoms dead in their tracks and I know HE will get us through this.

Every time mom goes into the hospital my thoughts go to my sister. How I wish she were here to make this all easier to carry. Sunday is her birthday, she would have been 35. On the way back from the hospital last night, I couldn't stop thinking about her. And so I let myself go there for the 10 min ride and had a little cry.

When I got home I went over to my neighbors house to let them know how mom was and when I got to their door I saw this beautiful tall rose bush full of beautiful pink roses. Now I have went to my neighbors door a hundred times and there has never been that many roses on that bush. I really haven't ever noticed them before.
I immediately get chills and tell my neighbor when he comes out how beautiful they are. He immediately takes out a pocket knife and cuts the fullest most beautiful rose that is there. (He did not know my sister and knows nothing about her, not even her name).

Pink roses were my sisters favorite. I buy them every year on her birthday.
Now it's sitting on my table. A reminder from God that HE sees my pain, he saw the tears fall in the car, HE sees the void that grows a little deeper when mom is sick.
And HE reminds me she's not that far away after all.


LAURA said...

Beautiful story of the pink roses. I'm a bit emotional. :)

Shayla said...


It really is crazy amazing how God used me. The verses were JUMPING at me...and I really did sit there and go ("yeah thanks God, but i'm good for now..."haha) I was teary when I read your story, but when I immediatley thought of the verses I really started to cry alot!!! I realized who they were for- and honestly I didn't really want to write them because I felt like sometimes it's not best to hear God is in control (we all know that, but in times of family health stress-it isnt always best to make a big deal about it)

I am glad you saw that God was using me, and I didn't mean it in a "I told you so" rude manner (I was SO SCARED that was how it was going to come across)

I am glad you are doing your part to protect your mother and comfort her in anyway possible! Just please continue to watch yourself- I LOVE when you talked about how you "arent claiming it (siezure) today" That was an AMAZING statement of faith in your part :)

Pink Roses story-- Holy Moly! Our God is SO amazing, and I love the simple things He does to make us feel COMPLETELY at ease. I bet your neighbor gave it to you without thinking about it, all because God ordained it to happen :) What a beautiful reminder of your sweet sister so close to her birthday!!!

I am still praying for you friend

With all kinds of crazy Christian Love,

He & Me + 3 said...

God is so amazing. I will be praying for you and your family.

christy rose said...

The pink roses story is so like God!! He loves you so!!!!! I am continuing to pray. Please keep us posted.
Love, Christy said...

I am praying for you and your mom. I know your sister is never far away. God is so loving!