Monday, September 7, 2009

Multitude Mondays 5-15

holy experience

I've been thinking about my list for this week since I did the first one last week when I discovered Holy Experience.

I have been at times dumbfounded of what to thank HIM for because there are so many things and when I think of the small things they just seem too insignificant and then the big things seem too obvious. I guess that is why I have never written them down. But with each one that I write I realize that God has blessed my life with big and small blessings and I want to acknowledge every one of them.

I'm starting slow and praying that God will open my eyes to ALL that I have to be thankful for because there is so much I know that I don't even see. I have a long way to go to get to a thousand, but it's just part of my journey. So here is 5-15, some are big and some are small but I am so very grateful for them all.

5. HE loves me even though HE sees all the cracks in my character and mistakes I have made and keep making.

6. For this blog that has forced me to really look at myself and see not only what I need to change but also and almost more importantly the good parts that I never saw because I was being too critical of myself.

7. My daughter who does everything I do, may I be reminded of that daily and be a good role model for her always.

8. Music, that expresses what I can not at times.

9. No matter what color I choose to dye my hair after a few washes it always turns back to the natural red.
(yes my hair is the natural color in my header picture but I play around with it often, it's a control issue but that's a whole nother post)

10. My sister would turn 35 this month and I have kept her memory alive.
11. Her green work jacket that still hangs at the back of my closet, I swear I can still smell her on it and it brings me unbelievable comfort when I need it.

12. The days I'm able to work at Roo's school, I feel so productive and love seeing him throughout the day.

13. Cookbooks, without them my family would starve.

14. Our king size bed, I love my hubby but also love my space when I'm sleeping.

15. Hearing my little girl saying she has the "pick-ups" when she gets the hiccups.


Bonnie said...

So glad you found Holy Experience. I once emailed Anne about a post she did and how it encouraged me to keep keeping on. She emailed me back and said she woudl pray for me..I bawled and felt her prayes just wash over me.

Great list.

He & Me + 3 said...

What a great list. I so enjoy stopping by for my daily encouragement from you. You are so real and your heart is just so sweet.
I love music too...
I know about the hair dye too...mine always goes back to black:)

Kjersten said...

I love your list. It is very nice to "meet" you in this beautiful/virtual community:) said...

8. Music, that expresses what I can not at times.

That is a Huge one for me! Nice to meet you!

Carrie said...

Great list! I agree it's hard to find the little things to be thankful for and I love what you've shared with us...especially how your little girl models I need to be reminded of that :)

take it easy!

Heidi said...

Just wandered onto your blog from a friend's. I just started the Gratitude List from Holy Experience too. In fact the same week that you did! Nice to know there is someone else in the same place!

christy rose said...

Love your list Kee! You are very inspiring! "pick ups" LOL That is priceless!