Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fill-ins #134

Friday Fill-Ins

I just found this site and decided to mix it up with what I post from week to week. So that I will have something to post on weeks when I don't feel like putting sentences together. And this was kind of fun. I started with last weeks since I haven't done this before.
1. Epilepsy is not the end of the world.

2. Sitting here, listening to the sound of rain falling, I could listen to it forever.
3. Chocolate tastes so good!

4. Sometimes, putting others first is comforting.

5. My kids sleeping is breathtaking, really.

6. Well, maybe there is happily ever after.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending one on one time with my 5 yr old who just started kindergarten, tomorrow my plans include a fundraising breakfast at hubby's work and Sunday, I want to got to church and take the kids to IHOP after!


He & Me + 3 said...

I am listening to the rain too. Hope you have a great time with your little kindergartner. Have a great weekend!

christy rose said...

Very cute Kee! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

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He & Me + 3 said...

Stunt Man starts preschool this fall and Kindergarten next fall. boy that will be a sad day.


I have really enjoyed your blog. You have a beautiful family. Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your health. Blessings,

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Kee, Such a beautiful heart you share. Love your list and your positive outlook on life!

I really appreciated your thoughtful words on my blog this morning about my uncle. Your blog title says "Wherever you journey in life, be sure to take along a friend." ... So thankful for friends like you on my journey.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Kee - I found you on Jennifer's site and just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am praying for you. I have 2 blogs. One for my journey with Him and one for prayer only.

I would LOVe to put you on my prayer blog but want to make sure it is OK first.

Many blessings,

nancygrayce said...

That's fun! It helps you share what you think. I hope everything is going better and that hubby is feeling better!

joel said...

great blog great person


Kee, Thank You for joining my blog. I have joined yours as well. Hope you have a great day. Blessings,