Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can I Just Say...

*This week had not been going very well and it's only Wed. Hubby has been sick since Friday and I finally took him to the care center on Monday, which made me realize just how sick he was because he never goes to the doctor. Of course we don't have insurance so that is just more bills to add on to what we owe on mine.

*They think he has strep throat, a strand that they can't test for. Which makes no sense to me but whatever.

*I had a seizure yesterday, first one in almost a month. Which was a mess because hubby is so sick and can barely get out of bed and my aunt thinks feeding my kids lunch and dinner means throwing animal or cheese crackers at them.

*Ruben started Kindergarten today. Hubby was too sick to go with us so I took him. I have a post I am working on about that and will try to post it later today. Let's just say I was a mess, he will do fine and it's something every mother goes through but when you send your first born off to kindergarten it seems like the hardest thing ever.

*I'm supposed to volunteer at his school two days a week to pay for his tuition but they just got a new principal and everything is up in the air so I don't know if I will even be able to volunteer. The class I wad going to be an aide in only has 9 kids as opposed to last year when they had 26.

*On top of all of this I'm PMSing, sorry if TMI, but I'm starting to hold nothing back on this blog and that feels good, even though it might come back to bite me in the butt.


christy rose said...

OOHH! Sounds like a tough week so far! And to top it off, your oldest is going off to kindergarten? that alone would send any momma into an emotional day. It is amazing that when hardships come they always seems to just pour down. But God is still on the throne and in your heart! Let Him empower you with His presence within you. You are not alone! That is the amazing and wonderful thing about His Gift of grace.
Praying for ya girl,
Hope your day gets better,

Carrie said...

Oh, Kee, kindergarten is so hard on the moms! He will be a big kid now! I definitely know how emotional that is, week will be a tough one for me having them both in school now...wah! I'm sorry things are crummy this week...and I hope that your volunteer job will still work out as planned. We are home now, and the kids start school next Friday. I hope the week ends better than it's started and everyone is better. PMS totally stinks! I had my break down last week, haha!

He & Me + 3 said...

I know that taking my first to preschool and kindergarten was so sad and now taking my last to preschool is breaking my heart. Very hard on us moms. Hope hubs feels better soon and that all works out for the school situation.

confused homemaker said...

(((hugs))) and i hope it all starts getting better, just think tomorrow is a fresh start.

Laura said...


Sorry that your husband is sick and praying that he is on the mend soon.
Thank you for being so real and honest. That is something that I treasure and means so much to me.

I posted this on my blog this week and may these words minister to you.


An old familiar voice
kept ringing in my ear
Telling me what others see
Is broken, torn, and scared
Scarred by those who've hurt me
A past I filled with sin
Convincing me that I could never be loved again
And I heard a voice above the roar
Singing over me
You are beautiful to me
Just the way I planned
Just what I see
You are beautiful to me
Every hair I've counted
Every tear I see
Just the way I created you to be
You are beautiful to me
Now I know with his love my soul is safe at last
Through his mercy I have been forgiven of my past
I know that I'm not perfect but no longer will I hide
I like who I'm becoming now through my father's eyes
And now every morning I hear him singing
Oh, he is singing over me
You... you are beautiful to me
Just the way I planned
Just what I see
You... you are beautiful to me!
Every hair I've counted
Every tear I see
Just the way I created you to be
You are beautiful to me
Oh, before I came into this world
My father held me first
He loves me now like he did then
Just the way I am
You are beautiful to him
Oh, just the way he planned
Just what he sees
Yes! Child, you are beautiful to him
Every hair he's counted
Every tear he sees
Just the way God created you to be
Just the way God created you to be
You are so beautiful
You are so beautiful... Beautiful to me

nancygrayce said...

Kee, I'm so sorry about all the sickness! I remember when my first son went to kindergarten, I cried all day.....Looking back, I laugh about that.....I think every mother cries when their first goes off to school! Hope you all feel better soon.....the bills will get can only do what you can do! love you

sandy said...

I sure hope that your week has improved!
My daughter is starting kindergarten too! I am so nervous! She's not my first born, but it doesn't get any easier!