Sunday, March 20, 2011

Straight from the Heart Sunday's

I have to admit, being sick and in bed for weeks on end really makes me treasure every single second when I am well and able to do things with my family.
We have done so much as a family this past week. I have been able to help my husband with the kitchen project I started 3 weeks ago. I was in bed and could not use my hands so that project had to wait. We finally have most of it finished and I LOVE my new kitchen. It wasn't a big remodel, just a little paint, creativity, and a bright new back splash. I love it when I get to accomplish and complete projects.

We went to church together as a family and it was great. There is always that missing part, my mom. It's getting better, I can finally see the light shining through what has been a very dark 6 and a half months. I think it helps that we are redoing some things around the house. I can't explain really why but I guess it helps me to not see her in every room if things are different. I miss her from the depths of my soul and I'm finally feeling a connection to her for the first time. I know she would want me to go on with my life and she taught me to be the best mom. Everything I know about being a mother I learned from her. So her legacy lives on in what I teach my children. I find that to be very comforting.

                                                 Before- while we were doing the prep work.
                                                        Painters tape- my best friend.


     My baby using the paint sprayer, it's one of my favorite things, c
cuts painting time in half.

 Our back splash, love the colors.

Completed back splash

 The ugly brown wood is GONE!

Didn't know I would be posting these or I would have tidied up. :)

It's nothing fancy but I've never had a kitchen that I could make my own, so I'm over the moon about it!
I'm finally finding my footing again, not to say there won't be bad days but I'm gonna be ok.

I miss you Mama, thanks for all the lessons you taught me!

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Gleenn said...

Aw, sorry to hear that you were sick. There was one time I was bed ridden for a month and suffered too much pain, during the time, all I wished was to be well even if I won't have money. It's so depressing. The second time I envied those who were fit was when I had a surgery due to an appendicitis. Really made me realize how precious is good health.

Your kitchen looks good. Is that your hubby fixing it? Awesome. If I and my hubby get out own house, the kitchen is what I'd love the most. :)

I was wondering why I didn't heard back from you after I sent an email about an interview, thought maybe it didn't reach you, but now I consider maybe because you weren't well. Please let me know if it reached your mailbox. Thanks.