Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday, Ten Things I'm Looking Forward To.

Ten Things I'm Looking Forward to this Spring and Summer

1. My Little Man turning 7 at the end of April.

2. Teaching him how to ride a bike this summer.

3.  Seeking and obtaining a closer relationship with God through this Lenton season.

4. Watching my beautiful Little Miss learn Ballet.

5. Spending time with my husband while he is out of work, he makes me laugh harder than anyone I have ever met. It's good to laugh these days.

6. Spring cleaning, ok I don't look forward to the cleaning but I do look forward to the results.

7. My best friend having her first baby in April, can't wait to know what it is, it will be a surprise.

8. My husband getting a job, I know he will get one and I have faith it will be soon. More than even finacially he is ready to go back to work and really needs to feel like he is accomplishing more than just being here all the time.

9. Teaching both my kids how to swim.

10. My Godson coming to visit this summer.
Anything you are looking forward to?


Andrea said...

I have a prayer request at arise 2 write.

emily said...

I look forward to seeing all that GOD has in store for me :)

You are invited to follow my blog :) GOD bless