Friday, June 19, 2009

My Husband is...

the man that made me believe in myself again.

the one who taught me to live and laugh in the moment.

the kindest most Christian man I have ever met.

the one who really knows how to push my buttons and does it just for fun.

the man who took my mother and aunt into our home without ever complaining when they needed a place to stay, even after they had done what some would call unforgivable things to our little family.

the best father I know, I could not have hand picked a better father for them. God did that for me.

the man I met online on an instant messaging system 9 yrs ago and never dreamed at the beginning he would become the love of my life and my partner for life.

the one who makes me laugh harder and louder than anyone else.

the one who gets so frustrated with me at times, he just has to shake his head and walk away.

truly my life long friend.

the man who snores louder than anyone I have ever heard when he is tired but I love him so much I just put cotton balls in my ears and move on.

the man that has bathed me in the hospital, seen me in not so flattering circumstances, has helped me to the bathroom at home and helped me shower on my shower chair for the last few months at home without ever complaining.

the man who also took care of the house and kids the months I was in bed without ever complaining.

He's my husband, my dearest friend, the father of my kids, the love of my life.

I thank God for him everyday.

I love you with all my heart.

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He And Me + 3 said...

What a blessing you have. Happy Father's Day to your hubs. He definitely Rocks!