Monday, June 22, 2009

Batteries Recharged

Jose has to go to a seminar for 4 days at a State Resort Park, 4
hours away. We had not talked about me or the kids going with
him until last night but decided against it. So I went ahead and sent Roo to VBC this morning. When I got home mom and DD were pushing me to go. I felt quilty leaving the kids and thought it would be too hard on DD to do it all herself.

I asked Roo to come because he loves hotels and swimming but he chose VBC instead. I was hurt a little but then again who can resist VBC even if you just went to one last week.

Hubby was worried about me being able to make the trip and about my symptoms coming back, But, a wonderul friend I have met in blog land has taught me that you can't live your life in fear waiting for your symptoms to come and knock you off your feet. You have to live in the moment. Check her blog out on my side bar, The Perch,if you haven't already.
Thank you Sheryl, God put you in my life at just the right time.

So in this moment, I am symptom free and in the ca


christy rose said...

Amen Kee! Live in the moment! God loves you and He will bring you through.

Laura said...

So thankful for those good days. I have thought alot about you today. Been on my mind about those who are struggling wether physically or anyway.
Prayed for you today, just wanted u to know.
Love ya,

Jennifer said...

That is great advice -- to live in the moment. I'm claiming victory over FEAR for you this morning. Yeah, God!!!!