Saturday, July 31, 2010

God is God and I am Not!

I'm still trusting, or the real truth is I'm still trying to trust. Just when I think we are at the point where we can't handle one more thing, ten more things seem to drop on us and I TELL GOD I can't take anymore! Does He know more than me...well of course He does.

Please continue to pray for our family we are undergoing a big ordeal with unemployment and his ex-Employer fighting it. It's gotten so bad lawyers have had to get involved and they (ex-employer) have gotten downright nasty and I just don't understand. People that he had worked with for years and watched our children grow up are now turning on him just to save their own job. I get saving your job in this economy but turning on other people, I just don't understand. The case has been cont. to Sept 13, that's my sister's birthday. It made me smile, see she's got connections, she lives in Heaven! :)
I've been meditating a lot on Psalm 91, it has helped calm me when I felt I couldn't breathe a lot of nights.

On Wed. night we were getting ready to go to Back to School Night, my husband's Dad called to tell him he would be having surgery Thursday morning. They had to amputate the leg that almost exactly one year ago he had to have a stint put in because of blood clots(complications from his diabetes), we drove 11 hours with a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old then.
This time we could not go for the surgery because the Unemployment Hearing was the same day and we needed more time to come up with the money and this was a last minute kind of thing.

God blessed us with the money so that Jose and I can fly. It will be so much better on my body. We will be  flying into Lincoln, NE in a few weeks. It's the closet airport, its' a 3 hr drive to where his parents live but only an hour and a half drive to the hospital in Kearney.

Please pray for my father-in-law, Manuel's, recovery and peace for my precious mother-in-law, Carmen.
My heart is heavy and my soul uneasy, I'm questioning God at every turn, trying to trust, so very scared at all the turn of events in the last few months. But God is God and  I am Not!

(Please scroll down and pause music player to hear this beautiful song)


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh Kee...holding you up in prayer even now.
God uses our storms. Every one of them.
Hang in there!

KEE said...

Thanks Mimi, I've missed you so much!

Scarlet said...

I just love your blog. Im new to the blogging but hope to "fix" or improve it any words of wisdom or advice?

Together We Save said...

God is so good!! I love the music you have on your blog!!

wej said...

been here... u can visit my blog, too! ;)

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tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

nancygrayce said...

Hey Kee!

This life throws so many curves....we simply can't handle them alone! So glad you got to fly to your FIL's side.