Friday, April 1, 2011

The Dreaded Tax Deadline

I usually do not procrastinate when it comes to filing our family’s tax forms because my husband does our taxes.  He used to do our taxes by hand every year but he has wised up and started using Turbo Tax.  Nevertheless, for you out there that wait until the last possible date to file, just remember the tax deadline of April 18th is fast approaching.

If even this extended deadline from the usual April 15th will not be enough time for you to file, you may still seek an extension of time for filing taxes.  Now if you’re like my husband and don’t wish to fool around with IRS tax forms any longer, Turbo Tax will help you file your tax extension form 2010.

Filing taxes is never fun, which is why I have never done our taxes.  My husband would always do them and he now does not mind doing our taxes since Turbo Tax is so easy to use.  It’s so easy that you should not have to file an extension of time for filing taxes.  Use the extension if you need to and use Turbo Tax tax extension form and happy tax time.

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